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A Step Forward for Animal Behavior Professionals

“Pet training and working with animals with behavior problems is an unregulated industry. Anyone can call themselves an animal trainer or behavior expert, which puts an unfair burden on I owners to make sure the professional they’re hiring is safe and competent.
The IAABC, APDT, and CCPDT are industry organizations that provide education and certification for people working with pets. We believe that owners have a right to know that the person working with their dog, cat or other pet understands the science behind animal behavior and is committed to using the most effective, most humane approach possible.
Now these organizations are coming together to announce new joint Standards of Practice. Members of all three organizations will now be held to the same high standards of skills, knowledge, and ethics in their work with animals, clients, and peers.
These new standards reflect the shared values of the adopting organizations and our joint commitment to being a strong voice for humane, effective training and behavior work with companion animals, no matter the context.
When choosing a professional to train their pet or work with them on a behavior problem, owners can feel secure in knowing that when they choose a member of APDT, CCPDT, or IAABC, they will be working with someone who can be held to high standards in their work. Training and behavior consulting is still an unregulated industry, but our organizations are committed to doing what we can to protect clients and their pets.”
Read the unified standards on IAABC website:   https://m.iaabc.org/about/ethics/