» » Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 1 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 1 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 1 of 6):

It is important to choose a veterinarian with whom you feel comfortable for your puppy. Like human medical doctors, your veterinarian is not only a diagnostician, but he or she will probably be your first source of medical help for your puppy for many years to come. Make sure you have confidence in their technique and the way they relate to you and your pet. By staying with the same vet for the life of your dog you can be assured that the doctor will have a complete health history and a complete behavior history of your dog. Be sure to tell the vet about any changes in behavior, as frequently these can be an indicator of a medical situation that needs to be addressed. Keep your vet informed – then they can do their job to help your pet be fit and healthy.

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