» » Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 2 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 2 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 2 of 6):

Usually the second car ride the puppy has is to the vet…. with the first ride being to your home. Both of these are pretty traumatic for the puppy. If at all possible, make two visits to the vet. The first visit is just a ride and a short time in the waiting room. Perhaps a trip to the big scale for a weigh-in coupled with a treat from the office staff will make the second trip to the vet something to look forward to. That second trip may even be the same day or better yet, the next day.

When your puppy is first seen by the vet, they will check your pet’s overall health, talk to you about parasite prevention, and give your puppy her first set of “official” shots. Talk with your veterinarian about the vaccination series that is appropriate for your puppy. It is recommended that some of the smaller breeds have their Parvo, Distemper, and Hepatitis shots be given over a period of time rather than all in the same shot.

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