» » Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 5 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 5 of 6)

Caring For Your New Puppy (Part 5 of 6):

With all of this come some things you will be doing at home. Most of the parasite products are either administered topically to your pet’s back or is given orally. The oral medications are usually pretty tasty and your puppy will have no problem just gulping the pill or tablet if you present it as a treat.

While fleas are fairly visible on a shorthaired breed, the longer coated breeds tend to hide the fleas and ticks pretty well. A good brushing will rid your pup of most fleas and a monthly or quarterly dose of Advantage®, Frontline®, Sentinel®, or other flea control product will help make sure your pet stays parasite free. Some of these products protect not only against fleas, but also roundworm, hook worm, and tapeworm (which is a product of flea reproduction). Talk with your vet about heart worm prevention, as this medication MUST be purchased from a licensed veterinarian.

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