Criteria for refunds:

  • No refunds in continuous classes for any reason including but not limited to:
    • Dog/handler injuries/illnesses
    • Cancellations due to weather
    • Teachers’ cancellations (trialing, sick, etc.)
    • Credits will be awarded for next payment cycle as we get notified of illness/injury of dog/handler or cancellations due to weather conditions which would make practice unsafe
    • Not attending a class for personal reasons does not award any credits nor provide for make-up classes
  • Puppy KG, Puppy Prep, Home Manners I and II and any other beginner’s classes (agility, scent work, etc.)
    • All students are required to pay for their classes in full when they sign up
    • A Rescheduling fee of $25 will be charged for each and every change made prior to one week before the first class
    • No refunds if classes are full (6-8 participants) and the cancellation is requested within a week of first class. Credit for other classes may be offered depending on availability
    • Will refund if cancellation is requested before one week of starting class with a $75 penalty
    • If a student drops or reschedules after the first week of classes, but before the second, a $100 assessment plus rescheduling fee
    • No refunds if dropping after second week of classes

General considerations:

  • Refunds will only be given if student overpaid and only the difference of that over payment
  • Drop in’s $33 and $40 for non-enrolled students (must sign waivers anyway)
  • RETURNED CHECKS: A $30 Service Fee plus any bank changes will be assessed on all returned checks.
  • If enrolled in the wrong class, we will work with the student to get them placed in the proper class
  • No refunds if dog is not suitable to participate in a group class because of behavior problems that may disturb other students and/or their dogs (and we were not warned about the problem(s) prior to enrolling). Credits for private teaching may be awarded
  • Anything not considered here will be solved on an individual case basis

Criteria for class cancelation:

  • Classes will be canceled if:
    • it is raining in such way that will make the practice/training session unsafe (an occasional drizzle doesn’t count!)
    • It rained hard the night before to the point where fields are drenched
    • Field conditions are unsafe for dogs and/or people (slippery, muddy, etc.)
    • The temperature hits triple digits (100 degrees F or greater)
    • The teacher calls in sick, is traveling or not able to teach that day for personal reasons
  • Note: We will do our best to post information concerning class cancellations on our website and Facebook page in a timely manner

We can’t:

  • Predict the weather
  • Trust the weather forecast 100%
  • Cancel classes when it’s not raining, even if it’s forecasted
  • Cancel classes if it’s not 100 degrees F or greater even if it’s forecasted
  • Provide anticipated notice of cancellation based on the forecast, unless it’s 90-100% certainty of rain or of 100 degrees F or greater
  • Prevent rain from falling down or have the thermometer not hit the 100 degrees F or greater in the middle of your class
  • Provide you notice on the phone 2 hours prior to your class if class will rain out or be over 100 degrees

We know:

  • All of you have a busy schedule and would like to know as soon as possible if you’re having a class or not
  • Some of you drive long distances to get here and need notice in advance to make it on time
  • You care about your dogs, we do too!

We will:

  • Credit you in full if class is canceled
  • Credit you partially, if because of the weather class needs to be stopped
    We care about:
    Our teachers’, our students’ and our dogs’ well-being and safety
  • Everybody getting what they come to Jump Start Dog Sports for
  • Your input, we greatly appreciate your opinion on this matter
  • If a student gets sick for more than one class, we will try to work with them on an individual basis and possibly credit them
    We commit involuntary mistakes and apologize in advance. We will do our best make it up to you

We always:

  • Try to do our best
  • Listen to what you have to say