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Communications 101 for Performance Sport Canines! Sign Up Today!


Jump Start Dog Sports is pleased to offer a new class taught by Karen Birdsong!


Communications 101 for Performance Sport Canines

Building strong communications with your dog is a critical component required for all types of performance sports (agility, freestyle, rally/obedience, scent work, etc). These skills when mastered provide a solid foundation for a strong handler/dog team.

The focus of this class is to build on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills with your favorite furry friend.

This class will include a variety of fun games designed to build basic foundational skills to help you more effectively use your body and voice to communicate with your dog. Many of the exercises will use ground-based agility obstacles such as hoops, barrels and tunnels to give you opportunities to practice these skills under a variety of conditions.

Prerequisites:   Dogs need a solid stay, sit, down and recall. They need to be able to work in the presence of other dogs. Dogs should be at least 10 months old. Puppies as young as 6 months will be considered if they have the required skills. Puppies may be asked to limit activity out of respect for growing joints.

What to bring: Your favorite canine, 6’ leash, 10-12’ long line, lots of small treats, favorite toy(s)….non squeakers please, water dish, crate, and your enthusiasm!!

When: Starts 1/3/18 at 7 pm

Where: Puppy Field

Sign up today!!!!!!

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