» » Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7)

Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7)

Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7):

If you think of the crate as a safe haven and not a jail, you will have a much easier time preparing your dog’s special place.

Be sure to include a soft bed, which can be nothing more than an old towel until he is past the chewing stage. Give him some safe chewies like bully sticks or Kong® Toys. Also provide water from a self-watering system that allows the puppy to lick the stem or drink out of a bowl attached to the side or door of the crate.

The crate should be big enough that your puppy can turn around, stand, sit, and lie down. It should be small enough that there is not room for him to defecate or urinate in a corner and still have sleeping space. If you purchase a crate that will fit your puppy when he is an adult, consider making it smaller with bricks and boards or a metal divider until they grow larger.

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