» » Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 6 of 7)

Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 6 of 7)

Crate Training Your Puppy (Part 6 of 7):

Since dogs are pack animals and want to be with the rest of the pack (your family), consider keeping his crate in the family room where he has access to you and his hide-a-way. If possible, have a second crate in the bedroom next to your bed for him to sleep in. When he is in his crate at night, he can feel secure in knowing that he is with the pack, and all is safe.

You will get a better night’s sleep, have cleaner carpets, and have furniture your mother would still be proud of when you start crating your dog.

This is also helpful as:

  • your dog will be able to travel with you by car or plane
  • will be a better patient at the vet
  • will be a better client for the groomer
  • your neighbors won’t complain of barking. 

Be kind to your dog – crate him – he will thank you for it!

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