» » Grooming Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7)

Grooming Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7)

Grooming Your Puppy (Part 3 of 7):

Toe nails need to be trimmed when you can hear the “click” on the floor or you notice the nails are causing the toes to splay out. From nail clippers to files to electric nail grinders, you have many choices as to what tool(s) to use to keep the toes in good health. Remember that the toenail has a blood supply and if you trim the nail too closely you will cause it to bleed. Each time you trim the nails the nail quick will recede a bit and you can cut the nail shorter the next time. On a light colored toenail you can see a dark line – that is the blood supply – don’t cut it! On a dark nail you can be fairly safe if you just cut off the tip that seems more slender than the rest of the nail.

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