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House Training Your Puppy (Part 2 of 5)

House training your puppy (part 2 of 5):

Upon waking, pick your dog up and take him directly outside. If he has finished eating or playing watch him carefully for signs of sniffing or circling. Pick him up and take him outside with a cheerful “Outside, go potty” or some other command that everyone in the family agrees upon. Remain with him until he goes – don’t just set him outside and expect that he knows what to do. Praise him when he does his business and then stay outside for a bit.

Some dogs need to go more than once, so make sure he has completely relieved himself before coming back in. By staying outside for a bit you have taught him that going “potty” outside does not mean that he must come right back in. The reward for going “potty” outside is that he does get to scout around or play.

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