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House Training Your Puppy (Part 3 of 5)

House Training Your Puppy (Part 3 of 5):

When you are first teaching your puppy to go potty outside, have a lawn chair and magazine available to you. That way you can sit and read while waiting for your puppy to go potty. We also recommend taking your dog out when it rains so that he will go potty when it rains. What ….. no rain in Southern California? Make it rain – turn on the sprinklers!

While some would say to teach your puppy to go in the same place each time we recommend teaching a word that means to eliminate instead. If you teach a specific place, you run the risk of experiencing problems when moving residences or traveling with your puppy. They won’t understand where they are supposed to go potty!

Crating is probably the easiest and quickest way to housetrain your pup. Remember that he can be crated for as many hours as he is months old, plus one. Dogs typically do not eliminate where they sleep. They learn to “train” and strengthen their bladder and bowel muscles to “hold it” for longer and longer periods of time. If you are unwilling or unable to crate your dog, we suggest that you attach your dog to you so that you can SEE when he starts to sniff or circle and then get him outside cheerfully with a “go potty” or whatever command you will be using to have him eliminate on command.

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