» » House Training Your Puppy (Part 5 of 5)

House Training Your Puppy (Part 5 of 5)

House Training Your Puppy (Part 5 of 5):

Many people will crate their dog and wait until he cries to let him out to potty. While that will work for many, some puppies do not mind soiling their crate. In anticipation of that being the case here is one solution to help young puppies “train” their bladder – knowing that they can only hold it for a short while (continued):

  • If your puppy must be left during the day, be sure he is in a secure area such as an exercise pen or have someone come over and let him outside to relieve himself. Do not punish him when he makes a mistake. All that will do is make him unsure of you. Remember, he doesn’t know he made a mistake, he did nothing to spite you, he did what felt good – and what feels better than an empty bladder and bowel when you have such an urge!
  • Mistakes will happen. Just clean them up and watch your puppy more carefully the next time. It is your job to make sure he is not making a habit of eliminating in the house. Note: he will return to the spot if it smells like urine.
  • One of the best smell reducers is a diluted vinegar solution (from 1:1 with water to 10:1 water to vinegar). First, blot the urine dry and then spray the vinegar solution on the stain to reduce the smell and the likelihood of a repeat incident in the same place. Note: before spraying this solution on carpet or upholstery, we suggest you test a bit of it on an area or extra piece of these materials to make sure it does not take the color out! Resolve Carpet Cleaner® and Folex® both work quite well on stool stains.

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