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  1. Norah Bonwit
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    Hello Mr Gubino,
    Just read your article on “Is Learning Theory Enough?” It was very interesting and raised some questions regarding the behavior of one of my boxers who is now 4 years old. He exhibits the behavior of fear aggression to other dogs yet he’s fine with his pack family @ home. He’s a magnificent representation of the Breed Standard structurally except for his temperament! We had no idea he would behave this way @ the time of his purchase and after bringing him home until we took him out for walks @ the age of 5 months. After many years of training with one on one with a trainer and K9 Behavior school he has NOT improved a lot. Besides the thousands of dollars we have spent!!! Could I possibly acquire a copy of this article from you? I was not able to print it online. I will be bringing my boxer puppy Magnum to your drop in conformation class next Thursday October 6th and would like to pick it up then. The article site required a password in order to print the article so I could not print it. Thank you so much.
    Norah Bonwit
    Brightwater Boxers
    310 413-9208

  2. Diana
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    Great site. Just had a quick read.

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