Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller

Shannon has taught Agility at Jump Start since 1998.  Her students have accomplished multiple titles and Championships.

Shannon is not new to competition agility.   She has competed in multiple National Championship events including AKC, USDAA, NADAC, and ASCA.

Shannon began competing in Agility in 1996 with her Australian Shepherd MATTIE, who earned the FIRST MACH title for an Australian Shepherd in the country. (MACH # 47,  in 2000).  Mattie also was the first Australian Shepherd to earn the coveted Triple championship. MACH, ADCH, and NATCH.

Over  21 years of Agility competition,  Shannon has earned multiple championship titles and accomplishments with a total of 5 dogs.

Her youngest, up and coming 3-year-old TALENT is well on her way to her own Championship titles and has already competed in two National championship events.

As an instructor and competitor, Shannon believes success in Agility comes from building a strong bond and partnership with your dog.

You and your dog become intimate partners through love, trust, and respect.

Agility is the Ultimate Team Sport. 

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