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Selecting the Right Toy(s) for Your Puppy (Part 3 of 3)

While a tired dog is a good dog, a dog that has too many toys will quickly tire of all of them. A suggestion would be to have only three toys out at a time. You can have as many toys as you like for your puppy, but only allow him access to three at a time. Pick up the rest. Each day, replace one of his toys with a “new” toy from the toy chest or closet. By the time you rotate his toys several times he thinks he has a ton of toys and never tires of any one. You may be surprised to find what his favorites are.

Think about a young child on Christmas morning. They have opened all of their presents, played with each for a fraction of a moment, and then moved on to the wrapping paper and ribbons. For a treat, give your puppy an empty water bottle with the plastic cap and ring removed or a paper bag. They will amuse themselves and you forever with these simple toys.

We do suggest that you have one or two toys specifically for training. The only time he gets to play with these particular toys is when you are on the other end of the toy.

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