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Selecting the Right Toy(s) for Your Puppy (Part 1 of 3)

With so many dog toys on the market how do you choose good toys for your puppy?

Some dogs will love their stuffed toys; others will gut them in seconds. Most of the toys that are sold at pet stores are made with new clean stuffing and stitched eyes and noses. If the eyes and noses are like those found on children’s toys, do not let your dog play with them until you have removed the plastic pieces.

Some dogs will love their plastic or vinyl toys; others will have them in small pieces in one shake. Look for the squeaker or rattle – your dog may easily ingest all or part of these noisemakers.

Rawhide chews and bones can offer your dog lots of chewing material. However, the knots at the end of these rawhide bones can become soggy and get stuck in your puppy’s throat. When the rawhide unravels it can become caught in the intestines

Pig ears are basically fat so limit the number of ears you give your puppy. Overseas distributors provide many animal-based dog-chew toy products that have been processed with harmful chemicals. We suggest you be wary of these and consider only buying products (such as pig’s ears) that are grown and processed in the United States.

A great alternative for your puppy/dog’s chewing pleasure is Nylabones®, which come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors or Kong® toys.

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