Testimonial - Linda“I knew I had a problem that needed professional help.  The first lesson will stay in my mind forever. Manuel took my frightened dog, Jonesy, to a quiet place in the training field and just sat with her and patted her sides until she began to trust him. Jonesy is worth all the work and I owe a great debt and many thanks to Manuel for his patience, care and help.” … Linda R.

From Linda

Testimonial - Debbie“Our two dogs were rescued from the shelter and had serious behavioral issues until we started working with Manuel. Now, they are friendly towards other people, dogs, and each other. What a relief to have our happy home again!” … Debbie A.

From Debbie

Testimonial-Marjean“I never thought Nico would behave like this towards other dogs. He has come a long ways. In the past, he usually aroused in the presence of other dogs to the point where he redirected his frustration on me in the way of a bite. He was taught to “speak dog” and now he looks forward to contact with other dogs in a playful easygoing manner.” … Marjean K.

From Marjean