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Tip of the Day: Home Manners….an Ongoing Adventure

  • Proof your dog with “Leave-it”
    • “LEAVE IT”
      • Proofing means that even when there is something of interest, you the handler are moreinteresting than the distraction.
      • Without your dog watching, scatter toys, food, Kleenex, and other interesting items around the training area.
      • Bring your dog into the area on leash and walk by each of the tempting objects.
      • As your dog looks toward these objects, say “LEAVE-IT”.
      • When your dog looks at you, promptly click and treat.
    • “TAKE IT”
      • Another variation of this exercise is directing your dog to take a toy or treat that you allow them to have. In this instance, you would give the command “TAKE-IT”.
      • By letting your dog “win” sometimes, they will be to look at you for permission rather than just taking off after something that just catches their eye.

Image courtesy of wagthedog.com

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