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Tip of the Day: Home Manners….an Ongoing Adventure

  • Attention and “Leave-It”
    • You are now going to proof your dog on the Attention and “Leave-It” behaviors.
    • Previously you worked on proofing by (a) scattering toys, food, Kleenex and other interesting items around your training area, and (b) bringing your dog into the area on leash, and (c) walking them past each tempting item.
    • This week, you are going to proof these behaviors by changing the scattered items and changing the location where you perform the exercise.
    • Vary these basics with each training session.
    • If you find one object or location particularly difficult, repeat it for the next few sessions until your dog succeeds.
    • Don’t change more than 1 variable (e.g. location, items, and distractions) per training session.
    • To start, scatter items in your training area.
    • When you and your dog enter the training area, your dog’s attention should be focused ONLY on you!
    • DO NOT move through the items until you have your dog’s full attention.
    • Once you do, walk through the items, using the “LEAVE-IT” command. Stop periodically (your dog should automatically sit) and continue to ask for your dog’s attention.
    • Click and treat at a higher rate during this exercise.
    • As your dog begins to understand that they need to give their attention to you and leave the scattered items, you can start to vary your rewards (treats/verbal) and frequency.
    • As you work through the exercises, vary your “LEAVE-IT” command with the “TAKE-IT” command by allowing your dog to have a specific item.

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