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Tip of the Day: Home Manners….an Ongoing Adventure

Down from a sit

  • With this approach, your dog may confuse the sit and down exercises at first; however, with patience and practice they will understand what you are asking them to do.
  • This exercise starts with your dog in a sitting position.
  • Hold a treat between your thumb and middle finger with your palm facing upwards at the nose level of the dog.
  • Slowly move the treat down between their paws. Move the treat away from your dog in the shape of an “L” (straight down and then towards you).
  • As you move the treat forward, the dog should drop their elbows to the ground and their rear should follow.
  • When your dog is consistently going down, add in the “DOWN” cue.
  • Patience is the key in teaching the down exercise.

Image courtesy of www.dog-training-excellence.com

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